MIA again???  Sorry…lol. 

Good news in my life though…I’m a contractor no more (well, as of this coming Monday anyway).  I’ll be a permanent employee at the job I’ve already been doing for three and a half years for less pay and crappy benefits.   >.<

And it’s the holidays…although I don’t usually get all excited about Christmas, I’ve been trying this year.  I’ve been listening to Christmas music on the radio and am going out of my way to enjoy the houses all lit up on the street.  We still need to get out our decorations from the attic..maybe this weekend while the kids are gone we’ll have time to at least get organized.  That’s the plan  Plans in my life always have a way of getting screwed up though usually…haha. 

Speaking of Christmas, today I had emailed a customer to find out when they were going to pay their invoices that are due soon and the Accounts Payable dude wrote me back and said they’d be paid “soon”.  I, of course, wrote him back and asked when “soon” was and he replied, “I would say you’ll have payment before Charismas”.

Bwahahahahahahahahaha.  Charismas???  Charismas????

That ranked right up there with the time I told a customer to have a good weekend and this is what he replied with:

“I will do my utmost to fulfill your weekend wish for me and hope that you will do the same.”

Ummmm, wouldn’t “You too” have sufficed?

Back In Action

Sheesh, I finally come back to posting on this blog and then I promptly go missing for a  Sorry folks…just busy, busy, busy.  I guess I can explain what the medical crap was that I was dealing with since it’s a non issue now…

When I had the x-rays on my neck and back after the car accident, the radiologist at the hospital reviewed the film and found some sort of “lucent lesion” on my cervical spine.  My primary care physician sent me to another hospital the following Friday for a bone scan.  Basically, I had to have an injection of a radioactive isotope, wait around for three hours and then had a full body scan of my bones.  I probably don’t have to tell you what I was afraid they were going to find.  

Thankfully, my boyfriend came with me and was super supportive (and a little scared too).  On the way home, I called my mother and let her know how it went.  I explained the process and told her that Steven had been able to be there the whole time and that it was really comforting.  I felt Steven’s hand on my leg at that moment and I could tell it had meant a lot to him too. 

The next week I got the call that they didn’t find anything.  Not even the mysterious lesion that the radiologist had found.  Goes to show you that even people who work in the medical field can make mistakes and aren’t God, you know?  I do have arthritis in my ankles, but I kind of knew that already.  One of my ankles had been broken in a car accident years ago but I didn’t know it at the time…not until years later when I gracefully tumbled down the stairs, had more x-rays taken and a bone chip was discovered did I find that out.  Lol..sometimes I feel like I’m 90 years old instead of 36!  Arthritis?  Really?? 

At any rate, that’s what was going on with me but I’m all better now…no fret, my pets.


Was going to do the normal Thursday Thunks post but I’m just too stressed out about tomorrow to try and be amusing. Can’t really get into it but if anyone’s curious I’ll put up a password protected post and fill you in. Just have a feeling it’s going to be a very long day. But then it’s the weekend and Fall is in full bloom here in New England. Love the cool, crisp air and the crunch of leaves underfoot. Just nice to have a break from the rain of earlier this week and the heat of Summer. I don’t do well when sweat is dripping down my back…makes for a cranky Cricket 😉

Chase, my little man, leaves for the holiday weekend tomorrow to spend some time with B, his biodad, and his family. Will be nice for him to get a break from us for a few He tires quickly of having to have his nightly shower and strict schoolweek routine. Come to think of it, I tire quickly of MY weekly routine too.

4:30am: Up and starting the coffee

4:32am to 5:30am: Watch the news and suck down a cup or two of the delicious caffeine laden liquid

5:31am to 5:45am: Into the shower…lather, rinse, condition, shave, rinse, exfoliate, rinse

5:46am to 5:55am: Swear profusely as I try to find suitable business casual clothes for work

5:56am to 6:00am: Throw on the first outfit that I found rather than the thirty other contenders

6:01am: Kiss my boyfriend and run out the door to my car

6:02am to 6:45am: Drive to work

6:46am to 5:00pm: “Work” diligently in my six by six cubicle

5:01pm to 6:00pm: Drive home

6:01pm to 10:00pm: Arrive home, kiss son…kiss daughter…kiss boyfriend…cajole children into getting ready for their showers…while one is in the bathroom, I help the other with their homework and vice versa…eat dinner…pick up living room…watch mindless television or play addicting games on Facebook (NOT Farmville or any of the others…I’m a Bejeweled Blitz girl myself)…cajole the children into their rooms for bedtime…fall asleep, usually in front of mindless television shows.


Thursday Thunks: Stupid Questions by Kimber

Welcome to the September 30th edition of Thursday Thunks!

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(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want.
Write about it on your blog… simple as that.
Maybe you can interpret it as a picture – we don’t care!
Please only leave a link if you have written a Thursday Thunks post.
Don’t forget to go visit the other participants’ blogs.
Read and comment about all their Thursday Thunks responses!
That’s what all this is about after all, isn’t it?
We’ll have so much fun and become lifelong friends….

101. When was the last time you went to the doctor? Do you like your doctor?

Crap…I have NO idea.  My doctor’s actually really nice…so nice in fact that I am going to see her on Friday to go over my x-rays.  Maybe I’ll even schedule an appointment for a physical while I’m there.

201. My back is itching, will you scratch it for me?

Depends…if your back looks like this:







…the answer would be NO.

301. Do you have nice handwriting?











401. We are sending you to either New Zealand or Canada, which one do you choose?









501. Do you sing in the shower?

Yes…my kids do too…it’s highly amusing to hear my son singing Taylor Swift with an opera-like voice 😉

601. Have you ever been streaking? If so, how far did you streak and did anyone see you?

No.  I’d hate for someone to have a heart attack because of the sight of nekkid little me.

701. How soon is too soon for Christmas decorations and music playing in the stores?

I think that anything before Thanksgiving is just obnoxious.  Not that I’m knocking anyone else for doing it, but you know you have a problem when your scarecrow has a Santa hat on it.

801. If you celebrated Halloween as a kid what was the costume you wore at 5?

Wow, senior moment.  I have no clue.

901. How many cavities have you had in your life?

Just one when I was eight.  They have to give me laughing gas to stop me from screaming.









1001. Berleen and Bud come to Arizona to visit Kimber. Who do you think will decide it’s too hot here first?

Oh, Bud…all the way…

1101. Who do you think will ask TT questions next week?

Berleen…because last week it was Bud..this week it was week it’s Berleen’s turn 😉


My Wonderful Weekend…NOT.

My darling daughter took me quite literally when she shared her newest acquisition.  A horrible cold.  Gee, thanks honey.  :rolls eyes:  It started last Thursday and by Friday morning I was in a bad way…shaky, tired, sore throat, blocked sinuses..the whole nine yards.  What made it worse?  The fact that my dear boyfriend had neglected to tell me that he’d used ALL THE FREAKING DAYTIME COLD MEDICINE AND HADN’T REPLENISHED THE STASH.  :grits teeth:  I love him…I love him…I love him.

Because it’s f*cking Quarter End at work, I could not take the day off so I toddled off to sit in my 6×6 cubicle and drool at the computer monitor all day.  By 3pm I couldn’t take it anymore.  I begged my manager for mercy and she told me to leave…whether it was because she was taking pity on me, or whether she just didn’t want me to infect the rest of the department, I’ll never know…but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

My friend Ashton walked me out to my car because in his words, “I’m afraid you’re going to pass out…you look like Casper the Ghost…”.  I asked him to put the tire cover I’d found at a flea market on the back tire of my jeep before he went back inside and with a little pushing and zipping, it was on. 

I set off for the forty five minute drive home.  About twenty five minutes in, I was crawling slowly up the highway towards my exit.  Only two more to go…I could almost taste the NyQuil I was going to get as I drove.

Traffic wasn’t going fast…no particular reason..probably just to make me angry.  I was in the “fast lane” but even then, we were going about 30 mph when the road opened up a bit and a measly 5 mph when it hadn’t.  I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw a Jeep Liberty, the same kind I drive, behind me…maybe 20-25 feet behind me.  The truck in front of me braked and stopped with the traffic.  I braked and stopped.  The jeep behind me?  I watched the rearview mirror again and saw that he wasn’t fact…Oh my God…


Yup.  He got me good.

We pulled over and I looked at the mangled front of his car…and then, with complete trepidation, peered around at the back of mine.  Didn’t look bad…bumper was a bit crushed and the side panel was loose…first glance was that the back tire had taken the brunt of the crash.  And oh yeah, that tire cover Ashton had put on for me?  Ripped, torn and now sporting little glass pieces of the kid’s jeep.  Awesome.

State police show up…write up the report and send me on my way while the kid (okay, so he’s 21…he’s a kid to is waiting for the tow truck to take his piece of scrap metal away.

Drove home…got my medicine and went to bed.  Next day when I woke up, my neck and back were hurting.  And my cold had gotten much worse.  My boyfriend dropped the kids off at my mother’s and I headed over to the hospital for x-rays.  Three hours later (even though the ER was empty when I got there…empty when I got in to be seen…and full of nurses and doctors standing around talking about how quiet it was…grrrrr), I left with a prescription for Motrin and muscle relaxers and ordered to rest.

I got a phone call from the hospital later that afternoon but I’m not quite ready to spill the beans on what they told me…we’re kind of in a wait and see thing though and once I know more, I’ll probably share the news.

Called the insurance company.  Car appraisal to be done tomorrow.  Thankfully they are waiving the $500 deductible because the kid clearly was at fault.  Also thankfully, I had the presence of mind to sign up for rental insurance the last time I renewed my policy so when I finally drop off the car to get fixed, the rental will already be waiting there for me.  Then called the doctor to set up the follow up appointment to discuss the x-rays results.  Good times my friends…good times.

Anyone have a QUIET weekend???  I need a day off from my two days off…lol.

Thursday Thunks: What’s in a Name?



(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want.
Write about it on your blog… simple as that.
Maybe you can interpret it as a picture – we don’t care!

Please only leave a link if you have written a Thursday Thunks post.
Don‘t forget to go visit the other
participants’ blogs.
Read and comment about all their Thursday Thunks responses!
That’s what all this is about after all, isn’t it?
We’ll have so much fun and become lifelong friends….


1. We are changing your name. You have no choice. You get to pick it, but we must approve it. You must have a good reason. Ok, what is the name and reason? 

Elena Katherine Allen ~ I’d choose this name because it’s what my natural mom picked for me before she relinquished me for adoption.

2. I say Shotgun, you say?

Nuh uh…I already CALLED shotgun!


3. We are sending you away. Africa or Mexico?


4. When you’re home alone, do you still close the door when you use the restroom?

Yes…I have phobias about that…lol.

5.  Berleen told me that I have to ask a mean question. Tell us about a horrible memory.

I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter .  Her father, my mother and sister and I had gone out to lunch after one of my doctor’s appointments.  I had a roast beef sandwich and ended up choking on it.  Yeah, did you know it’s next to impossible to do the Heimlich Manuveur on a pregnant woman?!?  Some good samaritan pounded the shit out of my back and I was fine.  It still causes me anxiety to think about it.

6. What are your plans for October?

Recuperate from Quarter End.  Attend Keene NH’s Pumpkin Festival.  Carve our own pumpkins.  Go apple pickin’.   Go to one of the local farms and wind our way through the ginorous corn maze.

7. Is there anyone that you regret ever meeting ?

No…everyone comes into your life for a reason.

8. You have 3 months left to live, what do you do?

9. You wake up in an unfamiliar place, what is your first reaction?

10. Your phone rings at 4am, just before you kill this person, who do you expect it would be?

My mother..natch.

11. You’re having a bad day, what one thing can make your day better?


12. You are doing a meme written by the blogosphere’s shadiest character. Is there anything else that you should be doing right now?

I should be filling out my kids’ picture forms since Picture Day is on Friday….this is WAY more fun though 😉

13. If money were not a problem, (and it never is, right? Yes, I stole this f$%*ing question. Sue me.) where would you like to live?

It wouldn’t matter where, as long as it was near the ocean.

It’s the MOST Wonderful Time of the…

Shit.  Who am I kidding.  Life sucks right now, to be honest. 

Work is picking up for Quarter End…I work in Credit and Collections as a contractor for a huge corporation, waiting patiently for a permanent position to open up.  What stinks is that I’m doing the job of the other analysts who work for the company, without all the days off that they get and without the better medical/dental benefits.  It’s frustrating to constantly hear, “Don’t worry Christina, I’m hopeful that something will open up soon…”.  See, I’d be more inclined to believe that if the portfolio that I’m covering hadn’t been opened up by another analyst retiring out of the blue. 

And then, I’m dealing with some stuff with my son’s father.  Cannot get into it because of prying eyes, but basically I found out that something happened while he was with his dad but his dad is asserting that it never occurred.   The thing is, I believe my son.  Not because I’m trying to be a psycho ex girlfriend, but because the amount of detail that DS remembers of the situation speaks for itself.  I’m just confused and upset that EBF’s pride is probably getting in the way of the truth.  My main concern is, and will always be, DS’s well-being and this just throws a bit of a wrench in the works.  Sigh.

Beginning Again

I’ve missed this blog.  Tremendously.  I’ve been working so hard on my childhood/adoption/reunion issues that I let this blog fall by the wayside.  So, I’m back…and I’m going to let myself have some fun here again.  I’m going to start participating in memes…and post about the silly mundane stuff going on in my silly life. 

I’m also going to use this blog as my hiding place for my adoption story that I’m going to send in for submission in a book that’s going to be published so if you see password protected posts, you’ll know that I’m just drafting and redrafting and reworking again 🙂

Welcome back to my life…I’ve missed this place.