MIA again???  Sorry…lol. 

Good news in my life though…I’m a contractor no more (well, as of this coming Monday anyway).  I’ll be a permanent employee at the job I’ve already been doing for three and a half years for less pay and crappy benefits.   >.<

And it’s the holidays…although I don’t usually get all excited about Christmas, I’ve been trying this year.  I’ve been listening to Christmas music on the radio and am going out of my way to enjoy the houses all lit up on the street.  We still need to get out our decorations from the attic..maybe this weekend while the kids are gone we’ll have time to at least get organized.  That’s the plan  Plans in my life always have a way of getting screwed up though usually…haha. 

Speaking of Christmas, today I had emailed a customer to find out when they were going to pay their invoices that are due soon and the Accounts Payable dude wrote me back and said they’d be paid “soon”.  I, of course, wrote him back and asked when “soon” was and he replied, “I would say you’ll have payment before Charismas”.

Bwahahahahahahahahaha.  Charismas???  Charismas????

That ranked right up there with the time I told a customer to have a good weekend and this is what he replied with:

“I will do my utmost to fulfill your weekend wish for me and hope that you will do the same.”

Ummmm, wouldn’t “You too” have sufficed?


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