It’s the MOST Wonderful Time of the…

Shit.  Who am I kidding.  Life sucks right now, to be honest. 

Work is picking up for Quarter End…I work in Credit and Collections as a contractor for a huge corporation, waiting patiently for a permanent position to open up.  What stinks is that I’m doing the job of the other analysts who work for the company, without all the days off that they get and without the better medical/dental benefits.  It’s frustrating to constantly hear, “Don’t worry Christina, I’m hopeful that something will open up soon…”.  See, I’d be more inclined to believe that if the portfolio that I’m covering hadn’t been opened up by another analyst retiring out of the blue. 

And then, I’m dealing with some stuff with my son’s father.  Cannot get into it because of prying eyes, but basically I found out that something happened while he was with his dad but his dad is asserting that it never occurred.   The thing is, I believe my son.  Not because I’m trying to be a psycho ex girlfriend, but because the amount of detail that DS remembers of the situation speaks for itself.  I’m just confused and upset that EBF’s pride is probably getting in the way of the truth.  My main concern is, and will always be, DS’s well-being and this just throws a bit of a wrench in the works.  Sigh.