Back In Action

Sheesh, I finally come back to posting on this blog and then I promptly go missing for a  Sorry folks…just busy, busy, busy.  I guess I can explain what the medical crap was that I was dealing with since it’s a non issue now…

When I had the x-rays on my neck and back after the car accident, the radiologist at the hospital reviewed the film and found some sort of “lucent lesion” on my cervical spine.  My primary care physician sent me to another hospital the following Friday for a bone scan.  Basically, I had to have an injection of a radioactive isotope, wait around for three hours and then had a full body scan of my bones.  I probably don’t have to tell you what I was afraid they were going to find.  

Thankfully, my boyfriend came with me and was super supportive (and a little scared too).  On the way home, I called my mother and let her know how it went.  I explained the process and told her that Steven had been able to be there the whole time and that it was really comforting.  I felt Steven’s hand on my leg at that moment and I could tell it had meant a lot to him too. 

The next week I got the call that they didn’t find anything.  Not even the mysterious lesion that the radiologist had found.  Goes to show you that even people who work in the medical field can make mistakes and aren’t God, you know?  I do have arthritis in my ankles, but I kind of knew that already.  One of my ankles had been broken in a car accident years ago but I didn’t know it at the time…not until years later when I gracefully tumbled down the stairs, had more x-rays taken and a bone chip was discovered did I find that out.  Lol..sometimes I feel like I’m 90 years old instead of 36!  Arthritis?  Really?? 

At any rate, that’s what was going on with me but I’m all better now…no fret, my pets.



Was going to do the normal Thursday Thunks post but I’m just too stressed out about tomorrow to try and be amusing. Can’t really get into it but if anyone’s curious I’ll put up a password protected post and fill you in. Just have a feeling it’s going to be a very long day. But then it’s the weekend and Fall is in full bloom here in New England. Love the cool, crisp air and the crunch of leaves underfoot. Just nice to have a break from the rain of earlier this week and the heat of Summer. I don’t do well when sweat is dripping down my back…makes for a cranky Cricket 😉

Chase, my little man, leaves for the holiday weekend tomorrow to spend some time with B, his biodad, and his family. Will be nice for him to get a break from us for a few He tires quickly of having to have his nightly shower and strict schoolweek routine. Come to think of it, I tire quickly of MY weekly routine too.

4:30am: Up and starting the coffee

4:32am to 5:30am: Watch the news and suck down a cup or two of the delicious caffeine laden liquid

5:31am to 5:45am: Into the shower…lather, rinse, condition, shave, rinse, exfoliate, rinse

5:46am to 5:55am: Swear profusely as I try to find suitable business casual clothes for work

5:56am to 6:00am: Throw on the first outfit that I found rather than the thirty other contenders

6:01am: Kiss my boyfriend and run out the door to my car

6:02am to 6:45am: Drive to work

6:46am to 5:00pm: “Work” diligently in my six by six cubicle

5:01pm to 6:00pm: Drive home

6:01pm to 10:00pm: Arrive home, kiss son…kiss daughter…kiss boyfriend…cajole children into getting ready for their showers…while one is in the bathroom, I help the other with their homework and vice versa…eat dinner…pick up living room…watch mindless television or play addicting games on Facebook (NOT Farmville or any of the others…I’m a Bejeweled Blitz girl myself)…cajole the children into their rooms for bedtime…fall asleep, usually in front of mindless television shows.