Back In Action

Sheesh, I finally come back to posting on this blog and then I promptly go missing for a  Sorry folks…just busy, busy, busy.  I guess I can explain what the medical crap was that I was dealing with since it’s a non issue now…

When I had the x-rays on my neck and back after the car accident, the radiologist at the hospital reviewed the film and found some sort of “lucent lesion” on my cervical spine.  My primary care physician sent me to another hospital the following Friday for a bone scan.  Basically, I had to have an injection of a radioactive isotope, wait around for three hours and then had a full body scan of my bones.  I probably don’t have to tell you what I was afraid they were going to find.  

Thankfully, my boyfriend came with me and was super supportive (and a little scared too).  On the way home, I called my mother and let her know how it went.  I explained the process and told her that Steven had been able to be there the whole time and that it was really comforting.  I felt Steven’s hand on my leg at that moment and I could tell it had meant a lot to him too. 

The next week I got the call that they didn’t find anything.  Not even the mysterious lesion that the radiologist had found.  Goes to show you that even people who work in the medical field can make mistakes and aren’t God, you know?  I do have arthritis in my ankles, but I kind of knew that already.  One of my ankles had been broken in a car accident years ago but I didn’t know it at the time…not until years later when I gracefully tumbled down the stairs, had more x-rays taken and a bone chip was discovered did I find that out.  Lol..sometimes I feel like I’m 90 years old instead of 36!  Arthritis?  Really?? 

At any rate, that’s what was going on with me but I’m all better now…no fret, my pets.


My Wonderful Weekend…NOT.

My darling daughter took me quite literally when she shared her newest acquisition.  A horrible cold.  Gee, thanks honey.  :rolls eyes:  It started last Thursday and by Friday morning I was in a bad way…shaky, tired, sore throat, blocked sinuses..the whole nine yards.  What made it worse?  The fact that my dear boyfriend had neglected to tell me that he’d used ALL THE FREAKING DAYTIME COLD MEDICINE AND HADN’T REPLENISHED THE STASH.  :grits teeth:  I love him…I love him…I love him.

Because it’s f*cking Quarter End at work, I could not take the day off so I toddled off to sit in my 6×6 cubicle and drool at the computer monitor all day.  By 3pm I couldn’t take it anymore.  I begged my manager for mercy and she told me to leave…whether it was because she was taking pity on me, or whether she just didn’t want me to infect the rest of the department, I’ll never know…but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

My friend Ashton walked me out to my car because in his words, “I’m afraid you’re going to pass out…you look like Casper the Ghost…”.  I asked him to put the tire cover I’d found at a flea market on the back tire of my jeep before he went back inside and with a little pushing and zipping, it was on. 

I set off for the forty five minute drive home.  About twenty five minutes in, I was crawling slowly up the highway towards my exit.  Only two more to go…I could almost taste the NyQuil I was going to get as I drove.

Traffic wasn’t going fast…no particular reason..probably just to make me angry.  I was in the “fast lane” but even then, we were going about 30 mph when the road opened up a bit and a measly 5 mph when it hadn’t.  I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw a Jeep Liberty, the same kind I drive, behind me…maybe 20-25 feet behind me.  The truck in front of me braked and stopped with the traffic.  I braked and stopped.  The jeep behind me?  I watched the rearview mirror again and saw that he wasn’t fact…Oh my God…


Yup.  He got me good.

We pulled over and I looked at the mangled front of his car…and then, with complete trepidation, peered around at the back of mine.  Didn’t look bad…bumper was a bit crushed and the side panel was loose…first glance was that the back tire had taken the brunt of the crash.  And oh yeah, that tire cover Ashton had put on for me?  Ripped, torn and now sporting little glass pieces of the kid’s jeep.  Awesome.

State police show up…write up the report and send me on my way while the kid (okay, so he’s 21…he’s a kid to is waiting for the tow truck to take his piece of scrap metal away.

Drove home…got my medicine and went to bed.  Next day when I woke up, my neck and back were hurting.  And my cold had gotten much worse.  My boyfriend dropped the kids off at my mother’s and I headed over to the hospital for x-rays.  Three hours later (even though the ER was empty when I got there…empty when I got in to be seen…and full of nurses and doctors standing around talking about how quiet it was…grrrrr), I left with a prescription for Motrin and muscle relaxers and ordered to rest.

I got a phone call from the hospital later that afternoon but I’m not quite ready to spill the beans on what they told me…we’re kind of in a wait and see thing though and once I know more, I’ll probably share the news.

Called the insurance company.  Car appraisal to be done tomorrow.  Thankfully they are waiving the $500 deductible because the kid clearly was at fault.  Also thankfully, I had the presence of mind to sign up for rental insurance the last time I renewed my policy so when I finally drop off the car to get fixed, the rental will already be waiting there for me.  Then called the doctor to set up the follow up appointment to discuss the x-rays results.  Good times my friends…good times.

Anyone have a QUIET weekend???  I need a day off from my two days off…lol.